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simpleGas - a gas-/smoke-/blubber solver using FabricEngine

I love experimenting in FabricEngine. Fabric is a "tools-development-tool" that can be used stand alone or from inside a number of DCCs (3d editors/suites) like Maya or even Unreal.
Among the nice things that Fabric provides is a "WYSIWYG" kind of visual feedback for your code. The perfect environment to understand how some seemingly complex 3d maths actually work.

One of my learning projects was to build my own "fluid solver", based on some well known code fragments one can find everywhere on the internet. Many of these fragments are based on some ideas by Jos Stam, prioritizing looks over physical accurateness. By playing around with these ideas, I finally got a good grasp on how such "simple" fluid solvers work. It turned out to be actually very simple, it's the layering of several "trivial" steps that creates nice results and makes math-haters run away in pain.

simpleGas is my version of a simplistic, yet extendable "fluid solver" (actually more of a "gas-like" solver). Other than most code fragments you can find it implements the viscosity idea of being just a diffusion on the velocity field (read: "Viscosity" is considered a distribution of velocities, so that all velocity vectors get weakened, but at the same time more "action" is spread across the simulation).
It also comes with some "helper nodes" that make injecting densities (the actual "blubbs" you want to see), velocities (the "actions") and outputting data much easier. There are nodes for reading densities into Xfo (to create cloned-mesh polygonMesh geometry), into Vec3 (to draw points or further evaluate the point field in a particle simulation) and CSV files (for use in particle renderers).

You can download the current development snapshot here: Click or save as. The ZIP contains a FabricEngine extension folder. Simply copy the folder from inside the ZIP archive into your FabricEngine's extensions folder (you want to have your own extensions directory set up, obviously).

Usage Rights aka License
You are free to use simpleGas in both your private and your commercial projects. If you make money from using simpleGas, please consider sending me a tip. I can provide fully legal invoices as well, so if you want to "license" simpleGas, please feel free to contact me (which you are encouraged to do anyway).
However, I ask you to not re-distribute the archive or the code. This has nothing to do with me not wanting to get famous, but simply lets me provide a single point of reference (here) for updates, bug fixes, enhancements.
If you do want to distribute the code in any way or include it in a project that is to be distributed, please contact me.

Here are the first introduction videos, more are probably coming (English language only):

If you would like to send me a tip, you can use Paypal (or contact me for other ways). I will publish the amount of tips I got for this project, so you can choose whether you want to support the (core) Fabric development, modo version improvements (like a fully blown KIT with preset creation etc) or just the general. Me. Or whatever.
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