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  • Trollbridge Songs

    Finally ... Finally I am grabbing some time to work on music again. By far not enough, but ... there's a start.

    While working on the Trollbridge movie (Trollbridge-Film) as a VFX goblin, I reinterpreted characters and scenes from the movie in my "own way". Maybe good half a dozen songs, of which a few I got far enough to hire some producer and musicians to render them into something digestable.

  • Musik

    After about 25 years I finally seem to find some time again to dive into "my" music.

    Having played guitar and piano (not simultaneously, at least not very often), the obligatory flute and some kind of nvere-o-phone (and, if pressed to include earliest juvenile days, according to some photography DRUMS), I am slowly picking up things again. I have been practicing holding a guitar for a couple of weeks now and tend to realize that I am doing it the wrong way around.