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After about 25 years I finally seem to find some time again to dive into "my" music.

Having played guitar and piano (not simultaneously, at least not very often), the obligatory flute and some kind of nvere-o-phone (and, if pressed to include earliest juvenile days, according to some photography DRUMS), I am slowly picking up things again. I have been practicing holding a guitar for a couple of weeks now and tend to realize that I am doing it the wrong way around.

I did earn some money by composing music for video documentations and adverts, but when "family", "kid" and "real life" kicked in, I had to let dust settle on the wall of synthesizers, effects and whatsnot. It took me about 20 years to finally sell all the stuff and replace it by some VSTs (software synthesizers).

I will try and fill these music pages with old material and, hopefully, new ideas and projects, as time permits. For starters, here's a mini page with some samples.