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  • simpleGas - a gas-/smoke-/blubber solver using FabricEngine

    I love experimenting in FabricEngine. Fabric is a "tools-development-tool" that can be used stand alone or from inside a number of DCCs (3d editors/suites) like Maya or even Unreal.
    Among the nice things that Fabric provides is a "WYSIWYG" kind of visual feedback for your code. The perfect environment to understand how some seemingly complex 3d maths actually work.

  • The Murphy Project

    I have created over a dozen free projects for the modo community, including the Murphy Project. With this one, my hopes were that the community would help me build a free, flexible, complex human rigged character bundle. I spent several thousand Euro on setting this system up as far as it got.
    Response/Feedback from the community was almost zero. Except for two users nobody even bothered to send a mail.
  • Graphics / 3d

    I started experimenting with computer graphics in 1982 on a C64, which might not count in terms of a portefolio or showreel, but is worth mentioning, since “computer graphics” to me have always included the technical side of things. I want to understand, how a graphic is created, what an image actually shows and “how things work behind the screen”.