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The Murphy Project

I have created over a dozen free projects for the modo community, including the Murphy Project. With this one, my hopes were that the community would help me build a free, flexible, complex human rigged character bundle. I spent several thousand Euro on setting this system up as far as it got.
Response/Feedback from the community was almost zero. Except for two users nobody even bothered to send a mail.
This is in line with all other projects I created for the community. They - the projects - get downloaded and used and I get nothing in return. No thank you, no feedback, no help. Nothing.
Therefor I consider it understandable that I do not provide this project to this specific community any longer.

Old text:
The Murphy Project is a "pet project" of mine, aiming at providing a fully rigged human figure for MODO (a 3d modelling and editing suite, slowly drilling its way into animation and more). Murphy can already be morphed (thus "Murphy") into a woman, a baby, a woman baby, a man, a baby man, an old man, an old woman - and a pile of vertex garbage.
The rig is working, I need to add quite some corrective morphs to the rig deformations, and of curse about 30 additional morphs are waiting to be included. UV-ing isn't finished, textures aren't finished ... so: This is a very early, rough walking test: