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Trollbridge Songs

Finally ... Finally I am grabbing some time to work on music again. By far not enough, but ... there's a start.

While working on the Trollbridge movie (Trollbridge-Film) as a VFX goblin, I reinterpreted characters and scenes from the movie in my "own way". Maybe good half a dozen songs, of which a few I got far enough to hire some producer and musicians to render them into something digestable.

You're a Rock is about my assumption that Mica and his wife must have felt something like love back in the days. They just cannot have been rubbing each other up like an old couple for ever, can they. I think I had Mica's wife in mind when I wrote the lyrics, but the song works fine for me with a male singer just as well.

Cohen's Lament (The Bridge Song) is, just as the title suggests, about the barbarian's thoughts when he finally makes it to the bridge, meeting Mica. Yes, I admit there probably are some feelings of mine in there as well, about working on "my shots" ... but you should write about what you know, shouldn't you ...

I have one more song in the works ("Living that Bridge") and with that I think I'll wrap it up about Trollbridge. In the past I never really wrote actual songs (except for the typical juvenile "bad world is treating me all wrong" bullshit), so I learned and keep learning a lot from working with the professionals who put my stuff to life. I really start appreciating craftsmanship in "pop music" - yes, that does exist.