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The Jerk’s Guide to ... Becoming a Programmer

It's been in writing for far too long - what can I do, sometimes you have to work for money, sometimes you have to work for wife, sometimes it's just plain old boring life that interferes with your heart's desires. Anyway, now it's there and won't go away that easily:

This book is for everyone who wants to start to program - develop computer software - and doesn't have the faintest idea about where to start or where it might end. You don't have to know anything about computer languages, or about computer technology, or subscribe to an online course in computer science. This book starts way before the beginning and takes from an idea (for a very simple, old-fashioned game) to a first functional version "on paper", that could be easily converted in almost any computer language without having to think about it.
There're bits and bolts on how to plan a software project, what to charge a client and how to find gigs. There're more than a few anecdotes from my own life's experience with various types of computers, computer users and ... well, computer languages. But fear not, this book is not about me, it's about how to think like a programmer, how to dissect a problem into ever smaller pieces until you cannot see them any longer and how to take the garbage out without upsetting your spouse.
There are dragons, too.

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I'm really hungry now. I need the money.