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Graphics / 3d

I started experimenting with computer graphics in 1982 on a C64, which might not count in terms of a portefolio or showreel, but is worth mentioning, since “computer graphics” to me have always included the technical side of things. I want to understand, how a graphic is created, what an image actually shows and “how things work behind the screen”.
Naturally I have done my share of chaos imagery (Mandelbrot, Apfelmännchen, impossible figures). My first hands-on contact with 3d graphics was a version of DBW Render, for which I wrote scripts to create static scenes and small animations. My first attempt at creating “soft body physics” (draping a rectangle “cloth” on a ball) was rendered using DBW Render as well.

montage of a 3d scanned and reproduced horse hoofAround the year 2000 I started using 3d scans and retopo/reproduction workflows, later creating illustrations for magazines and books.

Today I use a wide variety of software tools “to get the job done”. I am not an evangelist for any specific brand of software, but since I still want to know what I am doing, I spend a lot of time understanding the tool and knowing which knob to tickle when “make it awesome” is called for.
I have successfully passed Ryan Kinsglien’s zbrush certification course at zbrush-workshops, so my understanding of zbrush exceeds knowing most curses at a non-standard GUI.
I am familiar with a line of modelling, texturing, shading and rendering tools, including modo, Mari, SustanceDesigner and others. I eat Photoshop or CLI based image processing tools for breakfast and sometimes find the time to record and publish tutorials on how to use the mentioned tools through video websites.

I will update this site with samples of my work as soon as possible.