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New website build in the works

Yes, it was about time. My website needed both an optical overhaul and content that was somewhat closer related to "here and now".

This new version won't be the final design for the next couple of years, it will serve as an interim version until I find the time to get matters lined up better. At least I will try to get content bilingual right from the start.
Why bilingual? Ain't I a German, so wouldn't German suffice?
Sure. But, let's be honest, the number of Germans being able to speak proper German (not to mention write or even read more than their own name with a limited number of mistakes) is decreasing by the minute. And that is not because of the aging of our landsmen and -women.
I love my mother tongue. I love German. I love to read it, love to write it, I could easily do without German "pop" songs on the radio, but ... I more and more feel lost with that love. Communication, and electronic communication for sure, is becoming a pain if finding communication partners that use the same language (and not just random words, ignorant of their meaning) that you try to use yourself.

Besides: Due to my increasing (though rather hopeless) endeavors in graphics, music and whatnot my personal contacts have become more international over the last couple of hours, so ... here we go. I opted for my-kind-of-English instead of Latin.
Isn't that a good start, somehow?